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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Interior Decor!

Lately I've been awestruck and impressed [and a wee bit envious too!!! ;))] of the latest blog templates being flaunted by my blogger friends (here, here and here). They are arty, fancy and creative and oh-so-much better than BLOGGERS' boring and limited options. But when I go to the same sites, nothing seem to impress me enough. All the good ones have already been taken!! **sob sob sob**

But I was getting too bored of the same template. So thought I'll give it a moderate makeover ...nothing drastic or adventurous; as either would be way beyond my scope, given my almost negligible knowledge of html.

Hence just assembled some stuff lying around my room and clicked a pic and added it as my header image. And chose a different template from Bloggers' modest options.

Not that I'm ecstatic with the result, but at least it's a change....which is always welcome!

So tell me friends....any suggestions or comments on the relatively 'NEW LOOK'!


Roshni Mitra Chintalapati said...

heheh!! Thanks for featuring me!!
I like your new one much better...I didn't care for the brown dots in the previous version.. this is MUCH better on the eyes.
I also liked the header. The only problem I have with it and similar headers is the length. It takes up half your page and makes your readers have to scroll down to get to your content. If its possible to get it contracted without distorting the image, I think that would make a good difference!

Roshni Mitra Chintalapati said...

I see you have half a toblerone left.. care to mail me the rest?!! ;)

SGD said...

Goodness!! What are you?? A friend or foe?
I spent an hour or more trying to squeeze the bl..dy pic into the box!! Blogger is SO SO USER UNFRIENDLY!!!

Reg. the toblerone, shame on you!! After preaching weight consciousness , you want to GORGE on chocolates?????? ;))))

Sucharita Sarkar said...

V V Interesting Layout...
1. The bag is just right for a working mom, I have an almost similar one in brown.
2.Hurrah for the Toblerone...I can't resist one either.
3. Good to see the junk jewellery, mine are stuffed in a plastic dabba...must take them out now and again.
4. Jhumpa Lahiri is such a subtle, delicious read, isn't she always?

Anusha Narayan said...

i stumbled on your blog and i seem to be visiting it pretty often. Like the theme and your write up immensely :)

And this new blogger template is fantastic. i have been doodling regarding this lately too and i seem to be the perfect dummy when it comes to html coding !! Blame it on my non-tech background. sheesh!

Interesting read :) would love to read more from here.


Roshni Mitra Chintalapati said...

hey! You asked for suggestions, didn't ya?!! Check out the Cutest blog on the block for free headers

As for the toblerone, I did confess that chocolate is my first love in that post!!

Hip Grandma said...

Whats in a template?It is the stuff you write that matters.

Does that remind you of the story of sour grapes. Well it should.Because I tried changing the look of my blog and the relinking was so painful that I reverted to the plain Jane look.

ugich konitari said...


I think your new template is original and nice. First time for ECR and his "Metallurgy for Engineers" as it lies sedately amidst purses and chocolates, and perfumes and jewellery. Good juxtaposition. Thats how life is ....!

Aniket said...

Any theme that feature toblerone, no matter half eaten, works for me! :D

This is a very clear layout and a good theme... mucho reader friendly. But Roshni makes a good point. And its the same case with other themes you like. However, I still like it very much.

You can always look at for more themes. :D

Rajesh said...

Very nice change. It sums up the nature of your blog. Good one.

Recently even I have given a face lift to my blog for the same reason.

SGD said...

@SS--We working women seem to have a standard template , dont we when it comes to basic requirements!
Oh yes....the chocolates...most of the choco gifts that AD get are devoured by the Mom!! ;))
And Roshni, the reason behind the not-so-slender build! 'Coz I hate to exercise!! :((

@Anusha--Welcome to my blog..
So glad that you visit often and like my scribblings!
Hope to 'see' and 'hear' from you often!

@RMC- Oh I checked out all those cutsie template blogs...first you early birds have tken all the good stuff...grrr grrr. and all pinky heart varieties are lying around which are just not 'me'! I'm more the brown & earthy tone lover, you see...
And the 2nd fear....what if I lose the blog itself while trying to tamper with the template????!!!!

Pradip Biswas said...

Gochhano ghar from a gharani and working lady. It is well thought and reflects that you are a person who is straight forward and have a well thought approach to any thing you make in your life. You have emotions but with a blend of reality. You are what I wished to be and I bless you always. Good change.

SGD said...

HipG-Ha ha ha!!
Though I agree that it's the matter which matters...but the fancy getup looks so good, isnt it!!
Sour grapes indeed! ;)))

@Suranga-Life is indeed a medley of metalurgy, makeup, technology & toblerone, reality & wishes&dreams....
Glad you liked it!

@Aniket-Glad you liked it! I too agree with Roshni & you that the header height needs to be reduced....but how do i do it??? ***an exasperated sigh***
Blogger troubles me no end and makes me want to throw a fit!

SGD said...

I loved your collage header....had been thinking of commenting earlier..

@PB-Thanks so much for your wonderful words...
Gochhano'r chesta kori but often enough the mess piles up!
Straightforward & frank I am...but that is not always appreciated! ;))
So these days I'm practicing diplomacy helps !!

ugich konitari said...


Have a look at

use the advanced option. It allows you to do resizing, to your needs. I used that for the picture in my header.

Sumandebray said...

You have given one more personal touch to your blog.. the appearance does incite interest. And let me tell you that this picture is a very nice collage ... you can call it a self potrait if you care..

SSQuo said...

I like this one a lot! It definitely adds oodles of SGD into it. I'm carefully analyzing each and every item on that picture from what I can see :)
Jhumpa Lahiri's book: I havent read this one, but I like her a LOT.

Turquoisy/green jewellery: Im not a jewellery freak, but I tend to be attracted to matte golds, turquoise, blue's and greens.

Love the sketch book, not crazy about the book for engineers book (surprise, but it reeks SGD which is good!!!) and I like the hint of fashion too!

Good job. Maybe you can change the pic from time to time, and switch it up with your latest stuff around you at that time.

Oh and you and roshni can fight over the Toblerone, but if I see a hazelnut lindt or a dark chocolate, u know I'm going to win!

Kavi said...

Metallurgy. Unaccustomed Earth. Toblerone.

That is some eclectic combination i think !

Watsay !?! :)

Looks super ! I havent changed the design for a long while now. And you are giving me a complex now !


SGD said...

@Suranaga-Thanks a ton for the link....
The end result is not I want it to's got a distorted feel to it...will do some permutation combination of the height:width ratio during the weekend and see if I can reduce the height without affecting the overall look!
But the site is very useful!
Thanks a ton!!

SGD said...

@SumanDR-Thanks so much for your words of appreciation! It does wonders for the morale when a deluge of wonderful comments sweep me off my feet!!

@SSQuo-Oooh!!! I'm gloating & bloating with glee.... And believe me when I was hurriedly assembling the stuff, never imagined that they'll be closely analysed !!
I really liked JL's Interpreter of M & Namesake....just started this..

Reg. jwellery, I love buying junk jwellery and hoarding them...when time comes to actually wear them, more often than not I feel overdressed & take them off...I'm more of a pearl person!!!
Reg. Rollason's Meta. for engineers, last remnant of college books, which i HAVE to refer on & off... and as Suranga (Ugich) mentioned, Rollason must be turning in his grave to be sharing space with purses, jwellery & perfumes...ha ha ha!!!
And quite a good idea about changing the pic on and off....maybe I WILL take it up!!
Dont you dare mention lindt...i'll start drooling on the laptop!!
And will fight tooth & nail for it with both you & roshni!! ;)))))

SGD said...

@Kavi-Thank you!!
Do do...change! And aint I glad that I'm giving SOMEONE a complex...ha ha ha!!!

I was almost depressed seeing all the glam templates...
Now all of you & your great compliments have really lifted my spirits!!
Cheers to CHANGE!!

And Suranga...I brought some semblance of shape to the resized pic...chk it out!

naperville mom said...

Thank you for including my humble abode as one of the inspirations for this makeover. So, I'm guessing the tobblerone is for me;)

I love yr new header, sgd:) Is Metallurgy for Engineers good for digestion?;)

Little Girl Lost said...

yay!!! and blush... can't believe my template pleased you so much...
well, thanks for the appreciation, i took a lot of pains searching for it and then personalising it :)

i loved your desk... it looks just like mine (exept that you still seem to have empty spaces)

and i love that you have unaccustomed
earth on your table :)

SGD said...

@NM-You're welcome!!
And since you're asking soooo sweetly, I just may share a teeny weeny bit! ;)))

Glad that you liked 'MY' new look!
ha ha ha!!! Wish it was...!!

@LGL- Thanks!

Roshni Mitra Chintalapati said...

You won't lose your blog just by changing the template. But what you can do is copy-paste the html script of your present template onto a word doc. Then you can fiddle with it. If you don't like the new look, you can always revert back by repasting your old template html back!
This is just in case you're thinking about doing something more, as is what I gathered you said from your post. Personally though, I think your template is great as it is...clean and clear!!

neeraj said...


I am twenty six, "almost-tall, tanned, and extremely handsome" according to my own description, but there's a rumour floating around that its actually "short, dark and bloody fool! And I have just started to cook myslf. Saw your " Cook-a-doodle" link and had a bright idea that the only way i could save up on std calls to my mum were, by clicking on the "follow" button there ;)

Lol, sorry that has to be the most random comment ever! But i totally loved your blog header, and am of the firm opinion that it'll help in attracting a lot more readers. Take care n keep posting.

SGD said...

@RMC-Thanks for the suggestion...if i want to experiment, that's what I'll do!

And did you notice, that as per your suggestion (& with the help of Suranga aka Ugich Konitari's link) I resized the header?

SGD said...

Welcome to my blog(s)!!!

That's the sweetest comment I've received and cross my heart....the best compliment I've got on my food blog!!!
Do keep coming over on both the blogs ....

nsiyer said...

My blog needs a make up and dressing. I liked the new avatar.

neeraj said...

Awwwww, merci beaucoup madame, for saying that! I will surely keep visiting, and you can drop by at my link sometime when you have the time, energy or inclination to do so, as well! :)

Reflections said...

Hey...looks really coooool or shd I say HOTTTTTT


Dr Roshan R said...

i actually think its a good template.. originality always gets extra points... I too was going through an annoying period searching for new templates.. finally , like you made my own header and added to a simple template..

Sumit said...

Like the template. And if you have microsoft picture manager (should be with your MS Office package), use that to resize the picture. secondly, since that shortens it up, you can go for a collage effect, with not just one picture but a few thrown together, say from workspace, living space, somewhere you have travelled. I once went for 3/4 pictures to draw up that personal header. But with this widescreen monitor now, am not so sure how the header would turn out on another, so I have skipped it altogether. instead, my posts come in with pictures I click (mostly).

Little Girl Lost said...

Sarmistha- long time no visit... :)

SSQuo said...

This toblerone is a coveted item I see! :) You need more choices SGD, Stat!

I'm glad you will be switching it up, i think itll keep it interesting and give me more to analyze.

Little Girl Lost said...

i had just begun to sulk about how you are commenting for everybody except me :)

SGD said...

@NSIyer- Thanks sir! Go for the does wonders to the (Blog's) morale! ;))

@Neeraj-You're welcome!!
Had a passing glance on your blog....had been a trifle busy lately....will surely drop in and read in leisure!

@Reflections-Ooo lala!! Thank u thank u! My blog is blushing! ;))

@Dr Roshan-Welcome to my blog!
Was intrigued by the hint of a medical professional in your profile name & Visited your blog. I think you are the first doc-blogger I have come across!
And your myriad interests are fascinating....
Was saddened reading about your pain...hope you're on the path to recovery...get well soon!
And hope to see you again!

@Sumit-Thanks! Havent ever used MS Picture's mostly Picasa for me...though am really keen to learn Photoshop.

@LGL-Have visited but always time was short and didnt leave a comment!! ha ha ha!!
Hope the 'chhotto meye' is not sulking any more... ;))

@SSQuo-Why only toblerone...I'm a glutton when it comes to chocolates...ha ha ha!!

Rush said...

its neat!! and u have me inspired now..i have been thinking for a while now, but always avoided going thru the pain of pasting codes, wat if something went wrong and all my posts would erase out?
anyways,will give it a try now...why be left

Sumit said...

Oh great!! Picasa is way better than the MS one.. u can actually throw a beautiful collage on that... :)
Photoshop is one thing i want to learn too...

SGD said...

@Rush Go ahead....give it a makeover!!
But like you, I too am petrified of trying out a new fancy template...what if all the posts get wiped out!!! Booh wooh hooo!!!!
Scary thought, isnt it!!??

@SumitI too love picasa...but i hope that in the next Picasa upgrade, certain flexibilities will be in a collage, i have no control over the positioning & size of the pics...

Sumit said...

really?? coz i got Picasa 3.0 n i can fool about with them. However, I would like some more options on the collage regarding the edges n all, something like a proper collage maker, introducing rough edges, irregular ones n stuff like that...

SGD said...

@Sumit-I too use Picasa 3.0
Collage here is a definite improvement on Picasa 2.0 but if one selects, say, 7 pics to form a collage in the picture pile option, the flexibility to move around the pics is not there....
And yes, as you said...the finish also cannot be customised!
Waiting for Picasa 4! ;)