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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back to my cyberhome !

When some friends I'd never met in my life knocked on my (cyber) door and my mailbox to enquire about my absence and well-being, my heart swelled with joy! Man is a social animal and loves being loved and missed.

The cause of my absence? A few hectic days in office, followed by an almost impromptu but much needed short break where we consciously decided to stay away from the cyberworld (be it for work or leisure).

It indeed was a refreshing and relaxing break where we went leaving behind the humdrum compulsions everyday life is all about!

Returning to the normalcy of routine life was inevitable but I wished the utopian life of holidays and leisure could continue forever.....But that is not to be and even if genie grants this wish, I doubt such a life would retain it's charm without the groaning and moaning of the real world ticking at the back of the mind.


Kishore Choudhary said...

Man is a social animal and loves being loved and missed.

It's beautiful.

HR said...

Cyberworld has brought us near... a close bondage grows among members... keep aside the debate ... whether it is virtual or real ... but it matters when regulars like you take a break and remain absent for few days... I noticed worries among some of the followers of your blogs.. it is obvious... in may consider writing few sentences about your whereabouts in advance for those good souls and your well wishers...

Aniket said...

You cant be more correct on both counts. We love being loved and also everybody needs some time on their own. :)

SGD said...

@Kishore-Thanks... :)

@HR-Yes...that's call good blogging behaviour! But sorry..just didnt have time to log in..

@Aniket- Yes we do....contradiction is second nature to us humans! :)