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Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Woes & Midweek Ecstacy

Every Saturday morning I am in a horrendous mood to put it very mildly!

While I wake up in the normal ungodly hour and drag myself into the drudgery of everyday existence, SD and AD are blissfully asleep. Believe me, all kinds of nasty thoughts flit through my mind ... thoughts of how to shake from their slumberous stupor into complete wakefulness!! But the honourable wife and mother that I am (or attempt at being), however tempting the prospect may be, I desist from letting the devil in me take control and let my better and more noble self prevail.
But every Saturday, it is indeed sheer torture to go to office while the father-daughter duo indulge in their long lazy weekend activities....and my anguish reaches almost unbearable levels when a holiday on a Friday or a Monday (which I, the overworked and underpaid, am almost always deprived on Easter...sob sob sob!!) add to their weekend ecstacy.

But this time, matters are a trifle different! I have been bestowed with a midweek holiday which neither SD nor AD have...the sadistic devil within me was ecstatic for a second or two before gloom descended....
what's the fun of a holiday in an empty home....
the spice of life lies in AD's mischief and mirth (which more often than not drives me nuts),
in SD's holiday-mood-induced-sloppy presence and quiet, deadpan, humour (which predictably almost always make me lose my temper, as it is intended to),
in the topsy-turvy, untidy mess the house turns into, everytime the father-daughter are at home (which again makes me shout out, in my most disciplinarian intonation, to retain orderliness and is ALWAYS ignored!) .

The laughter, the noise, the fights, the squabble, the medley of scattered toys-paints-crayons-newspaper-laptops, the special aroma from the 'holiday' kitchen are what our holidays are all about!

So on a midweek holiday, in an empty, orderly, silent house, what am I supposed to do?
Let's see.....maybe indulge in some me-time, pamper myself silly at a fancy parlour, or have a girls' day out with some friends, or JUST spend time sleeping late and lazing around!!!!


Chakra said...

Aaj first time tor blog dekhlam.
Darun likhchhis to ! great !!


Roshni Mitra Chintalapati said...

hmmm... your suggestions to self sound good enough to try and drag you out of your misery! I'm sure you'll try your best to comfort yourself in this way! Until then... there, there!! hush hush!! *pat pat*!!

SGD said...

@Chakra-Glad you liked it.

@Roshni-I probably sleep all day tomorrow and feel depressed at the of it ...for having spent an unproductive worthless day doing NOTHING!!! :)))

nsiyer said...

SGD, I think posting in a blog is possible and that is done for you. I sometime prefer solitude and my spce. But I agree most of the time, I want people around.

SSQuo said...

Oh yes, there's SO much to do:

- Get a manicure and pedicure
- Go for a show perhaps? Something playing close by with a friend that is not working. And then launch at some place nice.
- Come home and then sleep...Make sure you are sleeping when father and daughter return.

Revenge is sweet! hee haa haa :)

PS: I know this is the extent of your revenge, you are much to sweet for more.

SGD said...

@NSIyer - Yes solitude is a precious something...I loved it and guarded and nurtured my hours of solitude reading, listening to music, daydreaming during my growing up years and thereafter too...those were the pre internet, pre-sms nothing other than human intervention could disturb it!
But now, maybe because i'm so unused to it, i get impatient with solitude....i crave for the confusion/cacophony that life is all about!! Crazy, am I???

SGD said...

@SSQuo-I did two of the things you suggested!! ;)
-Went for a test drive on a prospective buy
-Went for a sumptuous lunch at a joint I've been meaning to for quite sometime
-Came back home and snored away for 3 long hours
-And the father called early evening and you should have heard his tone when he heard my sleepy voice...aaah sweet revenge!! ;)))

Pradip Biswas said...

Sharmistha! You also loose tempers. Perhaps you could have enjoyed more with both of the "Prajas" in your house were also present. You could have taken tips from them how Saptarsi and Momo make merry when their turn come?

Rajesh said...

I can perfectly understand how you feel. As the kids are away on vacation the home is unusually quite. I am not able to spend my time as I had planned in their absence. Their absence is making me uneasy.

SSQuo said...

There you go! Perfect :)

SGD said...

@Rajesh-Right you are...the presence drives us crazy & their absence make us uneasy!!! :)))
Thanks for stopping by!

@SSQuo- :) ;))

workhard said...

Thats a splendid idea.. nothng like me time..

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