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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Myriad Interpretations

We humans are a complex lot! But that is exactly why we are interesting. Human psychology or the way our mind functions is a fascinating and infinite subject.

You would wonder whether this again is a new whim of study the human psyche! Mysterious, fascinating and tempting as the prospect may be, I am well aware of my limitations and I do not think I'm cut up for such a mammoth task. True, I like observing the various nuances of my family, friends, acquaintances or those I interact with. I'm an observer. Period.
This post is almost an extension of my previous post. To be more precise, it is actually in response to some reactions I received from a few friends and well wishers. When I thought of replying to them explaining and clarifying, my thought process was triggered and I marvelled at the way each individual's mind works...
My previous post was just cyber-blabbering, for want of a better term! I did not have any inherently deep subject matter to write about. Being a nocturnal being, I am normally awake after the whole world (an 'when my family') goes to sleep. I, the family owl, love to stay up and indulge in a bit of ME-TIME. It may be actually reading the (previous) day's newspaper (which I had just glanced through 17-18 hours back), catching up on some reading, replying to mails or just blogging! My previous post was such a product which was written well past midnight, without any serious thought in my mind. But what drew my attention was the different interpretations the ordinary bit of rambling evoked! These myriad interpretations made me think. Was I really trying to convey my angst and trepidation at growing old? Or was my subconscious doing it? Frankly, neither me nor my subconscious had any profound thought to share. Both of us were just expressing random thoughts in a semi-slumberous state at the ungodly hour of 1 am.
But again, the interpretations were thought provoking. If my little, non-descriptive piece could evoke responses I hadnt contemplated, no wonder the literary works, art and movies evoke such strong emotions, controversies, such detailed analyses and so forth. The creator may not envisage the various fascinating interpretations his creation is about to generate. These myriad interpretations are what add a different dimension to the original creation. And these myriad interpretations are various individuals' unique impression on a particular subject..a manifestation of the wonder that is our human brain!

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HR said...

At the outset I sincerely thank the author for dedicating the piece of writing to me. I am greatly honored and thankful for getting a place in her blog.
It seems, the author had penned the initial piece of work(Brain Jam) in semi slumber state at the odd hours of 1AM. I feel, actually, no time is assigned for the genius to come forth with an invention.The story of Archimedes is known to everybody. The law of buoyancy was invented while he was sitting in the bath tub. The creation of several tunes by well known music maestro R.D.Burman had originated during odd hours. It seems that once he made his music band to assemble at 2AM in night to play a song composed by him. The pursuits are no doubt results of tremendous efforts put by a genius, but, it is the beyond the ambit of any wisdom to predict as to when such wonder will be created.
I feel, inventions can not be set as a target, it can never be a routine matter which needs to be achieved. It is always a outcome of good thinking in conscious or sub conscious state of mind. Invention is something which is disguised,only, the prudence of genius can reveal the truth.

So, author, anytime is suitable for writing, any state of mind , conscious or sub conscious is fit for writing. People who have qualities do not wait for time, state of mind etc.etc. since they know whatever they write will be a splendor.Keep it up...
Awaiting your next post...