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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Live and Let Live...

STATUTORY WARNING: this is NOT a science blog nor a socio-political one…these are the thoughts of an ordinary person with only the layman’s knowledge of astronomy and evolution.

In an infinite and ever expanding mystery we call the universe, teeming with a billion solar systems containing countless planets, satellites and creatures who may or may not exist, who are we? Where do we figure in this vast and elusive boundary-less expanse of unfathomable space?
From the unicellular prokaryotes of a zillion years ago, the cell-toting technology-crazy organism of the 21st century has come a long long way indeed!

We, the human beings, are the self-proclaimed superior-most of all living beings to have set foot on this planet earth! We made the Gods and Devils. And now we are playing both the GOD and the DEVIL. Our creativity added to earth's beauty and many a heaven on earth was made. And again it was us who transformed the earth into hell.. as we killed, maimed and destroyed nations, regions and fellow humans. We still are…in the name of religion, altruism, diplomacy, fanaticism.

While on one hand, our technological advancements make us Super Powerful, millions are starving or dying for the lack of basic amentities. WHY I wonder?

From the perspective of the entire limitless universe, our planet is not even the size of a speck of dust. We are insignificant...powerless in the greater scheme of things.

-We don’t know how we arrived (the continuous discoveries of physicists and astronomers are part speculation part reality);

-We don’t know how we evolved from the unicellular to the multicellur complexity of our present form (we all are actually agglomeration of cells consisting of electrons, protons and neutrons!!!!!). Who knows what the next form of the evolutionary chain will be...

-We have no idea how many more years Mother Earth can bear our undisciplined and unrestrained treatment of nature and environment before we are subjected to her wrath and fury.
What with the natural disasters becoming rampant, drastic and unwelcome changes in weather conditions, melting of the ice-caps of Mother Earth, doomsday seems to be drawing closer (not the 'closer you and I can even's still lightyears away...but in the universal perspective, that's not too long away!).

For all we know, the lifetime of each planet may be finite. Just as it required a BIG BANG to create us, another BIGGER BANG BANG BANG may be enough to sniff the life out of our beautiful green planet!!

Why I wonder, cant we live in peace, harmony, happiness? Why does history have to repeat itself so often and still we dont learn?
Why cant we all live and let live? Why Why Why???


SAP said...

This blog is really a different way of preaching peace and harmony across the globe, albeit in a fashion which is a bit incomprehensible for people like me who almost always bunked physics classes years ago!!

HR said...

Yes, it has happened now. After successful entry in the domain of blogsphere, the author has chosen to write on some abstruse theories of evolution of mother earth. The subject encompasses the evolution of life and finally emergence of the most intelligent creature in this universe, the homo sapiens. The homo sapiens are considered to be the genesis of the so called modern human race.
I feel that we are the most intelligent creature existing in the universe(!!).I do not indulge in any sort of controversy , but, a question remains to be answered. Had there been more intelligent creature living in any corner of the cosmos, I am pretty sure they would have contacted us by this time. Unfortunately, we have not received any convincing signal till date to prove that superior form of human exists.However , there are ample possibilities that life similar to our caliber or less may be existing somewhere, since the entire world is the sequel of the one and only one BIG BANG. They are also in look out for another form of life and it may so happen that our search for each other will converge on some very bright day. This was simply my wishful thinking.
The author has correctly pointed out that how long mother earth can tolerate our capricious and unconstrained way of treatment.We need to discipline ourselves or else face the brunt.Time has come to join our hands and make vow to save the green planet from bloodshed,poverty,misery and so on. We should be thankful for all we are blessed with and live in peace for ever.
Author may like to write more on various interesting subject like the one she has chosen.Lot of good luck for her.