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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Scribbling Pad

Here I am in the blogsphere ..teeming with thousands more...carving out a little space for myself in this virtual universe called cyberspace.

But why exactly am I here??

Frankly speaking...I dont's again one of my whims.

I am not here to sermonize, educate, or for that matter for any larger than life issues or any social cause.

I am just here to see what it feels like to have a virtual scribbling pad...

I dont know how long I'll continue the scribbling...but as of now, it's caught my fancy and so i decided to become a BLOGGER!!!

So friends go ahead on...this is one place where freedom of expression is at its truest form. You can opt not to visit my site but you cant stop me even if you want to!!!


HR said...

a really wonderful way to describe the temporary bonding developed between hawkers and buyers ... the male counterpart of the buyers are addressed as bhai, dada, kaku, jethu and dadu depending on the age... the attempt made to portray the joy of puja shopping in Calcutta is adorable..

SGD said...

Thanks for your appreciation...

The male buyers are quite negligible in numbers as compared to their female counterparts.
But you're right, should have mentioned them!!

hr said...


buyers in male community may be few in numbers, but male accompanying female buyers are not at all few!!..

aditi said...

Isn't it more like males reluctantly accompanying females? what say ?

SGD said...

O absolutely!
Till date I have not encountered any willing male ..the two most important males in my father & husband HATE shopping.
The former was always content being the chauffer...and my husband is the baby minder while i shop till i drop!!